Where to Spend & Save on Makeup

Everyone has their own preferences on where to splurge and save on makeup. Here is mine:

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Anti-Haul #1 | What I’m Not Going to Buy

After watching a lot of anti-haul videos¬†on YouTube, I’ve been inspired to save money on makeup and not fall into the hype of new launches. Thanks to Kimberly Clark, I have also become aware of the downsides of consumerism. I’m also in the process of doing the konmari method too! Hooray for minimalism! But anyways, here is what I’m not going to buy: Continue reading “Anti-Haul #1 | What I’m Not Going to Buy”

Full Face of Makeup with ONLY 6 Products

Hello everyone!

Contrary to advertisements and popular belief, you really don’t need an entire collection of makeup products to achieve a full face.¬†Although I love my growing collection, I do realize some products are quite unnecessary because they can easily be substituted. Did I also mention this is very Continue reading “Full Face of Makeup with ONLY 6 Products”