How I Forced Myself to Start Working Out

I used to hate working out. I never enjoyed P.E. in elementary, middle, and high school because I was always mediocre at it. I was one of the slow runners, no matter how hard I tried. And I was always one of weaklings when I came to kickball. It made me feel bad about my abilities which is why I would not work out. However, that changed after my recent visit Continue reading “How I Forced Myself to Start Working Out”

Accepted into Business School!

Hello everyone!

Yes, that is right. I have been accepted into business school and will be starting this fall! I already knew I was going to get in because all they look at is grades. Although the application and selection process isn’t as rigorous as law or med school, it’s still a relief to receive that acceptance letter. Continue reading “Accepted into Business School!”

How to Study When You’re Lazy AF

Hello everyone!

I’m quite a lazy person when it comes to studying. I hate sitting there for extensive hours reviewing material and doing homework. I get antsy really easily and have a hard time focusing. But, at the same time I also know I have to study so I can pass my classes. First world Continue reading “How to Study When You’re Lazy AF”

My First Ever Makeup Kit

Hello everyone!

Fun fact: I only started wearing makeup February of last year. Most of the products I started out with are empty but since these are still sentimental to me (as weird as that sounds) I don’t have the heart to toss them out. They honestly remind me how far I’ve come with my makeup skills and even as a person. Continue reading “My First Ever Makeup Kit”