College Morning Routine

I can’t believe my last semester of community college is coming to an end (next week is finals!). It’s been an interesting experience and I’m honestly quite nervous about heading to university this fall. But anyways, here is what my mornings have consisted of this semester: Continue reading “College Morning Routine”


How I Forced Myself to Start Working Out

I used to hate working out. I never enjoyed P.E. in elementary, middle, and high school because I was always mediocre at it. I was one of the slow runners, no matter how hard I tried. And I was always one of weaklings when I came to kickball. It made me feel bad about my abilities which is why I would not work out. However, that changed after my recent visit Continue reading “How I Forced Myself to Start Working Out”

How to Study When You’re Lazy AF

Hello everyone!

I’m quite a lazy person when it comes to studying. I hate sitting there for extensive hours reviewing material and doing homework. I get antsy really easily and have a hard time focusing. But, at the same time I also know I have to study so I can pass my classes. First world Continue reading “How to Study When You’re Lazy AF”

My First Ever Makeup Kit

Hello everyone!

Fun fact: I only started wearing makeup February of last year. Most of the products I started out with are empty but since these are still sentimental to me (as weird as that sounds) I don’t have the heart to toss them out. They honestly remind me how far I’ve come with my makeup skills and even as a person. Continue reading “My First Ever Makeup Kit”

Where I See Myself in the Next 15 Years

Hello everyone!

I’m probably the only one who dreads the question: “Where do you see yourself in the next 10-15 years of your life?” It’s not that I’m a pessimist and have no goals, it’s just I honestly don’t know where I would be. The fact that there are so many unexpected twists and turns in life makes me quite scared to make a list of my future goals. What if I end up not accomplishing anything on that list? Continue reading “Where I See Myself in the Next 15 Years”