Makeup & Skincare Empties

Doesn’t it feel good to completely finish up products? It makes me feel accomplished and excited to start using new products. Here are my recent empties:

Please excuse the poor camera quality! It’s been cloudy all day ūüė¶

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College Morning Routine

I can’t believe my last semester of community college is coming to an end (next week is finals!). It’s been an interesting experience and I’m honestly quite nervous about heading to university¬†this fall. But anyways, here is what my mornings have consisted of this semester: Continue reading “College Morning Routine”

April Favorites 2017

Oh gosh, April is already almost over and I feel like I have done nothing. I’m hitting the panic button because I haven’t finalized my resume and started applying for internships. So in other words, I’m screwed. But anyways, here are my April favorites: Continue reading “April Favorites 2017”

Spring Beauty Survival Kit

Spring is finally upon us¬†and I’m so happy about it.¬†I hate the¬†winter and it’s relieving to know that I can finally wear shorts and skirts everyday.¬†However, the change in weather means a change in your beauty routine. Here are some beauty products that will help you survive the spring and warmer months: Continue reading “Spring Beauty Survival Kit”

How I Forced Myself to Start Working Out

I used to hate working out. I never enjoyed P.E. in elementary, middle, and high school because I was always mediocre at it. I was one of the slow runners, no matter how hard I tried. And I was always one of weaklings when I came to kickball. It made me feel bad about my abilities which is why I would not work out. However, that changed after my recent visit Continue reading “How I Forced Myself to Start Working Out”

Beauty Brands I Want to Try

Hello everyone!

If you guys have been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I love posting my shopping lists. It gives me something to look forward to and prevents me from going crazy at Sephora, Ulta, or Target.¬†With all the wonderful beauty brands out there,¬†it’s definitely important to keep¬†the ones that Continue reading “Beauty Brands I Want to Try”