YouTube and Instagram Endeavours

I’m back!! I’m here! School has been so hectic guys. I haven’t taken five classes in one semester before so it’s been a challenge to make time for blogging. But here’s the great news: I finally bought a vlogging camera so I’ll be dabbling in the YouTube Continue reading “YouTube and Instagram Endeavours”


Honest thoughts on love as a 20 year old

True love can’t exist. The guys who are actually good are either taken or not interested.

I don’t believe I will ever get married one day. It’s not because I’m scared that it is “once in a lifetime or forever”. If that was the case Continue reading “Honest thoughts on love as a 20 year old”

Accepted into Business School!

Hello everyone!

Yes, that is right. I have been accepted into business school and will be starting this fall! I already knew I was going to get in because all they look at is grades. Although the application and selection process isn’t as rigorous as law or med school, it’s still a relief to receive that acceptance letter. Continue reading “Accepted into Business School!”