Honest thoughts on love as a 20 year old

True love can’t exist. The guys who are actually good are either taken or not interested.

I don’t believe I will get married one day. It’s not because I’m scared that it is “once in a lifetime or forever”. If that was the case, Continue reading “Honest thoughts on love as a 20 year old”

Anti-Haul #1 | What I’m Not Going to Buy

After watching a lot of anti-haul videos on YouTube, I’ve been inspired to save money on makeup and not fall into the hype of new launches. Thanks to Kimberly Clark, I have also become aware of the downsides of consumerism. I’m also in the process of doing the konmari method too! Hooray for minimalism! But anyways, here is what I’m not going to buy: Continue reading “Anti-Haul #1 | What I’m Not Going to Buy”

Best Pressed Translucent Powder so Far

I’m a pressed powder type of gal. Although I’ve never tried loose powders before, it seems messy and impractical when in a rush. Ever since I started wearing makeup in 2015, I have tried three powders. They are the Too Faced Primed and Poreless, Rimmel Stay Matte, and NYX HD finishing powder. Continue reading “Best Pressed Translucent Powder so Far”

Removing Facial Hair the Lazy Way

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to removing body hair whether it’s legs, underarms, and even my lady mustache. So whatever tools I can find to make the hair removal process easier, I will use it. Here are the two key items that I use twice a week to remove my lady mustache: Continue reading “Removing Facial Hair the Lazy Way”

How I Clean Makeup Brushes | Easy & Affordable

I know most people don’t enjoy cleaning their makeup brushes but I actually don’t mind it. It makes me have peace of mind knowing they are free of dirt, grime, and bacteria. An easy, affordable way to deep clean your brushes is to use Continue reading “How I Clean Makeup Brushes | Easy & Affordable”